DNA Exonucleasen
Übersicht Eigenschaften der DNA Exonucleasen
Substrate Activity Products Heat Inactivation
Exonuclease I,
E. coli

Removal of ssDNA and oligonucleotides.
ssDNA 3´?5´ exonuclease, it requires the presence of magnesium and a free 3´-hydroxyl terminus; wide range of buffer conditions  dNMPs 15 min, 80°C
Lambda Exonuclease

Preparation of ssDNA templates for sequencing.
dsDNA 5´?3´ exonuclease that digests one strand of dsDNA from 5´-phosphorylated blunt or recessed ends. It has low activity on 5´-hydroxyl ends and is not active on nicked DNA. dNMPs and ssDNA on the opposite strand. Partial digestion produces dsDNA having 3´ extensions of ssDNA. 10 min, 75°C

Exonuclease I, 20000 U/ml
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